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Sherando Lake History

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built the Sherando Lake Recreation Area as a part of a depression-era works project, beginning in 1933.

Sherando Lake Camping

Sherando Lake Recreation Area has many camp sites to choose from. White Oak Loop is the area for non-electric camping. There are no electrical outlets at the camp sites there.

Jun 21 2012 Sherando Lake

The Sherando Lake Recreation Area is a woodland nature retreat in the George Washington National Forest that is managed by the National Forest Service, Pedlar District. This Shenandoah Valley vacation destination is in Augusta County, in the unincorporated community of Lyndhurst. It is located approximately 12 miles south of the city of Waynesboro, Virginia.

With its main, lower lake and smaller, upper lake, Sherando Lake offers recreation opportunities for those who enjoy fishing, camping, swimming, boating, hiking, nature photography, picnics and more. Miles of trails circle the lake and surrounding forest, with scenic vantage points as destinations.

The main lake has a small island, which swimmers and boaters can visit. There is also a spillway at one end of the lake that provides a beautiful backdrop for photographers. Boaters have access to most of the main lake, except for the roped-off swimming section.

The classic stone-and-wood bath house, near the swimming area, also houses the gift shop and an open, wood-floored relaxation area, from which you can observe activities on the main lake. There are a couple of outside shower stations for swimmers who just want a quick rinse, and full showers inside. Vending machines are in a shed that is next to the gift shop, and bagged ice, soft drinks and snacks are available there.

The upper lake is for boating and fishing, and no swimming is allowed there. There is no vehicular access to the upper lake, so if you expend the energy to carry your kayak to that serene water, you will often be the only boat on the upper lake. Hiking trails encircle the upper lake, just as it does the lower one. The large, earthen dam that holds the upper lake provides excellent excercise for those who climb the wood-and-earth steps up from the parking area.

Sherando Lake Weather